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Our aim is to reduce carbon emissions by identifying operational efficiency improvements, this has the benefit of lowering costs whilst improving profits for a business. This is achieved by drawing upon the many years of industry knowledge that exists within our company.

We will carry out an extensive and thorough survey of the facility(s) concerned to identify areas with the potential for operational cost reductions.
We are independent Consultants who place the priority of our Clients’ needs first, we can then identify a value for their objectives together with any other benchmarks that may be applicable to the organisations circumstances.

Some of the areas for consideration are

Lighting – LED lighting can reduce running costs by up to 75% whilst lasting up to 25 times the life of an incandescent light which in turn reduces maintenance.
Voltage Optimisation – Stabilise your incoming supply and pay less for your electricity whilst prolonging the life of expensive machinery.
Variable speed drives – a 20% reduction in speed of a motor can save as much as 50% on the running cost.

These areas and many more are investigated when we visit the premises. Using our saving calculators, the figures soon start to add up.

Once the data is analysed we give careful consideration to the opportunities identified and how they may be executed for the benefit of the Client. We present the Client with a Free Preliminary Report identifying the areas where cost and Co2 emissions may be reduced.

If the Client wishes to proceed further, a fee is agreed to retain our services and we engage with various industry specialists to produce a bespoke financial analysis and payback. We manage the specialists on behalf of the Client to produce a full report and business case with options of installation and project management available on request.

We like to work closely with our clients, we will always offer impartial advice, we strive to build long term relationships assisting businesses in meeting their sustainability obligations.

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